Super Antenna MP1DXMAX HF-2M

We’ve come a long way together, having seen differing levels of antenna build quality on the channel and blog. Every now and then, one comes along that’s got high enough quality, that I’ll get behind it on the channel.

Well, currently on the bench, is the Super Antenna MP1DXMAX which is a 40-2M +80M, +60M antenna system. The thing that sets it apart, and the reason I’ll feature this system, is it’s unique feature. Any HF band +2M on the same coax. It works two ways.

– With a single radio with dual receive or dual vfo HF/2M, or
– With two rigs as in my case, the Yaesu FT-817ND & Kenwood TM-D700, through a duplexer.

The entire antenna system, my Android tablet, and the Yaesu FT-817ND, all fit inside the carrying case.

My belief is this system will be a popular choice for those who need a compromise antenna with excellent performance, yet incredibly small break down size. An antenna system for someone who needs HF and 2M on a single coax, or someone building a go kit with HF & VHF rigs, needing the convenience of a single antenna system for both rigs.

It’s really interesting stuff!
I’ll add more photos on Instagram and eventually come to a rapid deployment video for the MP1DXMAX. Make sure to watch for more info on this system.
Launch date end of January 2017.

If you enjoyed this first look, I think you’ll like my full review from

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