Licensed since 1999, SurvivalTech Nord (OH8STN) focuses on emergency Voice and Data field communications, sharing knowledge & ideas relevant to the modern survival minded comms communities.

Android fanatic and video-blogger, Survival  technology is retired expat living and having worked out of Scandinavia for the past couple of decades. Operationally, he has deployed in Europe, North Africa, Baltic, Southern Caucasus, Middle East, … In most cases, contracted to deploy new or maintain existing communications infrastructure, in the broadcasting house.

  • As Survival Tech Nord he focuses on off-grid power, computing, voice & data communications. Taking communications and technology further into the field than intended, and using low-budget, man-portable micro-expeditions as a method of testing comms and tech for short-term survival and emergency scenarios. OH8STN promotes the use of amateur radio communications, as a “practical commsplatform” and to develop & maintain individual comms  competence. If you’re an amateur radio hater, this is not really the page for you!
  • STN brings to the table decades long skills, experience, and a “let’s learn how to do that” mentality!  

OH8STN Ham Radio EMCOMM Emergency Disaster Preparedness Communication

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